Monday, August 19, 2013

Update on Paushi's Digital Literacy Project (August 14th, 2013)

The Digital Literacy Project in India is now in full swing. We have been communicating with Mr. Prabodh Manna, the caretaker of the library, regarding the progress of the Project.

Classes have begun, led by Mr. Swapan Jana, the head school teacher in Paushi. Over 35 students in each batch, ranging from ages 5 through 18, are attending the computer classes in a scheduled manner, and as a result, materials like printer toner and paper are running low. We will be sending new computer supplies and additional books to Paushi soon, to ensure that the students have the materials that they need to keep on learning.

Mr. Amit Paul, our local teacher from Kolkata, will be visiting Paushi in the next few weeks to monitor the progress of the Digital Literacy Project. He will be visiting the village regularly to make sure that the students have the materials that they need, and monitor their progress for future additions to the program.

Going forward, we intend on improving this Digital Literacy Project in Paushi, and hopefully expand it to other rural communities. Currently Paushi's library is housed in a mud hut. This is not the best environment for housing a computer, long-term. Going forward, we hope to move the Project to a more stable building, possibly built out of bricks.

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