Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Day 2 (August 4th, 2013)

Today, we focused on creating a banner to highlight the parties involved in this Digital Literacy Project.

We created a word document that displayed the name of the project and listed the sponsors including IEEE-EPICS, IEEE PCJS, and the iSTEM Club of BRHS. We also added the IEEE logo to the document. We then sent the document to a local printing center, who is printing out the document onto a large banner that we can use to display in the Paushi library.

I also reviewed the computer book and software, kindly donated by the Volunteers Association of Bangladesh, with Mr. Amit Paul, a local teacher in Kolkata. The book is written in Bangla, so Mr. Paul kindly translated the contents, while I thought of a lesson plan for the students in Paushi.

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