Sunday, December 1, 2013

Update (December 1st, 2013)

After talking with Mr. Prabodh Manna and Mr. Swapan Jana, we learned that the printer is out of ink and that the Internet is not working. Mr. Amit Paul will travel to Paushi to install a new ink cartridge and work to resolve the Internet problem after speaking to the Internet provider, AirTel.

Currently, the classes are on hold as the students are having their Final Exams. Classes will resume at the conclusion of the tests.

In preparation for Cyclone Phailin which affected Paushi in October, Mr. Manna transported the computer and accessories into his house for the duration of the storm. The mud hut in which the computer is typically stored was not safe for the computer during the Cyclone. After the storm, the computer was moved back to its usual location in the mud-hut library. We hope to eventually create a more stable environment for the library and computer, so that future storms do not pose a threat to this cyber-classroom.

In addition, the implementation of the Digital Literacy Project has been featured in Bridgewater's monthly newspaper, The BReeze

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